1. Can I only use metamask?

Yes. You need to use metamask. Remember that you will need at least 0.08 ETH + gas fees for mint.

2. Where can I view my So-mi?

You can view it by connecting your crypto wallet to OpenSea.

3. Will there be rarities?

We will use rarity system. This is to measure the value of NFT and to differentiate the appropriate rewards.

4. Will there be giveaways?

Yes. We are gonna have giveaways. We will periodically award limited edition NFTs for holders and will also issue tickets to participate in fashion shows. Some of the most active holders in the community will have a chance to get limited real-life Meta Joseon brand items.

5. What can I do with So-mi?

Some of So-mi owners will receive a limited edition NFT. In addition, So-mi holders will have the right to enter our Meta Fashion Week, and to participate in events such as contests held in the community.

6. What is Meta Joseon?

Meta Joseon is a combined word of Metaverse's Meta and Korea's old kingdom, Joseon Dynasty. Joseon was the last dynastic kingdom of Korea that lasted for approximately five centuries. The Joseon period has left a substantial legacy to modern Korea. Much of modern Korean culture, etiquette, norms, and societal attitudes towards current issues, along with the modern Korean language and its dialects, derive from the culture and traditions of Joseon.