is a girl born in the Joseon Dynasty.

She had a special ability to look into the future,

so she was able to look into the future of herself

and the country. 

Somi has been using that ability since she was

young, and she is especially interested in the

high-end fashion of modern people.

As the days went by, her interest in modern fashion grew. In addition to this, she developed a desire

to visit in person in the future.


is a girl who likes to try various styles.

One day, So-mi used her ability to see the future

and found a swing in the same position as Joseon

in the 21st century.

She learned that riding a swing could lead to the

future, and through this, came to the 21st century. 

Walking around the streets in hanbok, she

caught our eye, and we cast her as a model.

If you want to know more about her...

After Mint

Meta Joseon is currently preparing for V2.

The newly introduced Meta Joseon V2 aims to create a community that can promote traditional culture online and offline in connection with other traditional brands as well as famous hanbok brands.

We are working to improve and modify the roadmap and direction of existing V1 so that the project can move in a better direction.

Our new goal is to connect with offline brands, promote Korean traditional culture through Metaverse, and build a new and large community to share traditional culture.

Soon, we will release the V2 roadmap, new websites, new V2 images, 

and more.


Virtual YouTuber, Brand partnerships.

Meta Joseon is currently preparing for work by collaborating with various traditional brands as well as hanbok brand Danha.

In addition to offline events with Danha, offline artwork exhibitions are underway  through collaboration with BOW.

Work for virtual YouTuber is also continuing. Contents preparation and modeling completion are currently in progress.


Road Map

This is Meta Joseon's  plan of action
with a basic framework.

We will serve as a bridge between
Metaverse fashion  and the real world fashion.


<Company_life205> is specialize in 3D Generated

Art, which randomly, combines parts with NFT data

to create new forms of Art work. All the team

members majored in Industrial Design Engineering

(IDE) to produce excellent 3D designs.